Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked Questions.

Do your products meet infection control guidelines?

Yes, all our touchscreen products meet NICE infection control guidelines. With an international protection rating of IP54 on all touch surfaces, they can be wiped with a full range of general purpose cleaners, gel and alcohol wipes. We also use onscreen keyboards to ensure maximum levels of hygiene.

Can we use our software on your hardware?

Yes, our kiosks and tablets are compatible with third party software and applications. We’ll even help you set them up!

touchscreen kiosk dimensions

How big is an EleKiosk and how much does it weigh?

Max height: 1550mm
Max width: 540mm
Max depth: 450mm
Max weight: 38.5kg

Is the EleKiosk mobile?

The EleKiosk can be transported with a trolley and small van (it’s how we do our demonstrations). So they can be used for events and moved from location to location.

Can your products be connected to the internet?

Yes, all our products can be connected to the internet by wired or wireless connections.

What power connections are required?

Our touchscreen kiosks require one power socket (and an internet data point if you want it to be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable).

The EleLite2 is charged in the same way as a laptop; via a power adaptor requiring one power socket.

Is the EleKiosk robust and safe?

Yes. The EleKiosk is designed for high traffic environments areas, with robust moulding with no straight edges, a thick resistive touchscreen and a bottom-heavy aluminium base. It can be fixed to the floor or to a wall with a wall bracket. We have hundreds of EleKiosks in demanding environments such as prisons, supermarkets, schools and hospitals.

Can the EleKiosk be installed outside?

Our EleKiosk is not weatherproof. However we can create bespoke outdoor solutions, including EleWindow, which turns any flat window into a touchscreen surface for people to use outside.

What is big, grey and wobbly?

A Jellyfant!