About us

Elephant Kiosks, the interactive patient engagement company, is a niche manufacturer of innovative touchscreen kiosks and a leading provider of interactive technology systems for patient feedback, patient information and clinical audit.

Our story

It started in 2006 when touchscreen technology was in its infancy. Following years as a CEO in the voluntary sector, Annette Walker MBE founded Elephant Kiosks with the aim of making information and services more accessible to more people. She believed touchscreen kiosks had a big role to play, however touchscreen kiosks were bulky and intimidating; big silver boxes designed by IT companies for IT professionals. So, with no IT experience but with a clear idea of what would work for end-users precisely because she was one, Annette set out to make a touchscreen kiosk specifically for use within the public and voluntary sectors. A few months and lots of hard work later, along with a network of designers and manufacturers, the EleKiosk - the UK’s first manually height-adjustable touchscreen kiosk, was born.

Since 2006 touchscreen technology and the way people use it have progressed rapidly, and we have grown rapidly too. We’re now on the fourth version of the EleKiosk and have over 1000 touchscreen devices currently being used in the UK. We’re a also a specialist provider to the healthcare sector, with comprehensive software systems for patient feedback, patient information, clinical audit, data reporting and much more. We have major projects with 50 large NHS Trusts and CCGs, and further projects with over 150 healthcare, public and voluntary sector customers, including;

  • Acute NHS Trusts
  • Mental Health NHS Trusts
  • Community Health NHS Trusts
  • CCGs
  • GP Practices
  • Pharmacies
  • CSUs
  • Private Healthcare Providers
  • Local Authorities

A Collaborative Approach

Our approach is entirely collaborative and friendly. Not only do we work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions that work for them, we also work with partners and other suppliers to integrate our systems and provide the best possible offering to our clients. WorldApp and iDashboards are just two leading international companies we work with to bring the very best systems to the UK health sector. Meanwhile, our unique partnership with the UK’s leading touchscreen rental company TouchscreenRentals.co.uk brings our touchscreen kiosks and software solutions to the private and events sectors for specialist rental projects. We believe that by working together with customers, suppliers and partners we can create innovative solutions with no boundaries, and as long as we do that, the business will take care of itself!

Recent NHS customers

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