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Since the rise of internet dating, there are thousands of dating experts floating around the UK. The endless pool of singletons that are only a few clicks of a button away have made a new generation of 20 somethings who are happy to be single and experience life with a variety of different people rather than searching and settling down with that one ‘other half’.

The experience of going on a few dates seems to craft us into experts who are confident, comfortable and aware of just what they are looking for in their perfect match.  

When you stop to think about it, the rules of dating could be applied to much of our lives. With experience, comes a confidence and clarity that only insight and familiarity can bring. Think of the first time you looked at a wine list and sheepishly just asked for the ‘house red’. What about patiently waiting to understand the tea making etiquette at your first day of work or sitting in class on the first day of term wondering when you’ll settle in.

It’s obvious, when you stop to think, that with insight and understanding comes confidence and clarity. Confidence to act. Clarity around your needs and your preferences. For many, experiences also help us clarify our weaknesses, our flaws, and the strange habits we aren’t ever likely to change, as well as our strengths, values and very best qualities. Life helps us understand ourselves as a package and once we’ve got that sussed, managing and shaping our lives gets a whole lot easier.

So what about dating for health? How familiar are we, really, with ourselves? Not just our mental make up or our appearance but the fundamental indicators of our health and well being? When is the last time you checked your blood pressure? In fact, would you even know what a blood pressure reading meant? Do you know your heart rate? Would you recognise your heart rhythm? There are many of us that don’t even know our height or weight.

Yet, life, in so many ways has shown us we must familiarise ourselves with any subject matter before we can address it with confidence and clarity. We need to go on a few dates to know who we are, what we need and what we want – and if we don’t spend some time getting to know our health, how will we ever know what it is we need to create the very best versions of wellness?

Elephant are the company that are ultimately letting you have a date with your health when you pop into your GP surgery. The digital kiosks allow you to take a snapshot of your health, understand what it means and better understand what you need from the medical professionals that are there to help you.  The kiosks will help make you a pro when it comes to your own wellness, and will give you the confidence and clarity you need to engage with the NHS proactively rather than reactively. It’s the basis of a great relationship that we need to have with our bodies and our National Health Service assuming we want both to survive.

Visit our crowdcube campaign here (capital may be at risk) to learn more and book your date with us soon.