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We work with the following amazing organisations to build the future of healthcare:

A Partner Company Delivering Patient Admin and Self-Health Systems to more than 50% of UK GPs


Patient Comment Sematic and Sentiment Analysis with Categorisation

Online preoperative assessment and pre-procedure assessment processing

NHS 111 Hospital Triage System with Virtual Assistant

A dynamic solution to connect Elephant technology with GP practice data.

Patient Experience Services and Kiosks are our bread and butter. We love working with customers to deliver and develop the best solutions possible.

Harnessing new technology improves current offerings and achieves both better experiences for patients and cost savings for the NHS and other health providers.

Our passion for the development of new digital services is driven by our customers. Some innovations develop from customer feedback. Some are solutions we build ourselves in direct response to industry need. Others are forged through partnership with companies that are pushing the boundaries of healthcare.

If you are a health provider with a great idea or a company with a great product that is set to transform digital health, we want to hear from you.

Together we can develop something brilliant!

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