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With this week being half term we wanted got to thinking about our attitude towards health and wellness when we had the luxury of being ‘schooled out’ for summer.

Whether it’s telling ourselves to always brush our teeth before bed or make a bit more effort in PE, we’ve shared the health tips we’d have give our younger selves with you here – and hope you can share them with your little ones this half term.

Our founder and CEO, Annette Walker MBE shared this piece of advice, which has helped her stay mentally well and strong, ‘Realise that you are beautiful and important and don’t need other people to either acknowledge that or confirm it – I think I have spent so much of my life trying to prove that I am good enough and worrying about how I look and what people think of me that I have made some life choices which were mistakes. I now know that I am loved for who I am, don’t have to strive to be perfect and that some people in life don’t have your best interests at heart so you don’t need them, if they make you feel rubbish just let them go’.

Other members of the Elephant Team have included, ‘Quit the sugary drinks and never miss a dentist appointment!’; ‘recovery and nutrition is more important than lifting/ exercise’ and ‘Don’t be naive enough to believe it won’t ever happen to you’.

We also turned to social media for some tips and found that there were lots of experts who had some insight, inspiration and ideas to share.

Heather of White Feather Reiki, @aplaceoftranquil shared her top tips relating to breathing and meditation saying, ‘Learn how to breathe – sounds strange but many people breathe quick and shallow as part of the bodies stress response (fight or flight). By learning to breathe more deeply your body has more oxygen flowing through it and you can feel more in control of your emotions and stress.’ and ‘Spend ten minutes each morning and night meditating. Regular meditation can help people to reduce stress and listen to themselves rather than be led by fear or what society thinks they should do or be.’

Charlotte from @SmoothiePR shared some top tips around the beauty in balance which we are already enjoying applying in the Elephant office. Charlotte suggested that, ‘ When you’re at work, always leave your desk at lunchtime, Don’t be suckered into thinking eating and working makes you more productive, it doesn’t, taking a complete break away for at least 15 minutes or more, will.’  She has further advised that we organise our day around doing some sort of movement or exercise and that we should choose foods that make us feel good and enjoy everything we eat as that is, of course, the point of food!

Laura Chiren, founder of Women of a Certain Stage, shared some great advice with us after her own experiences of overcoming a young menopause. She says, ‘If I could share a few pearls of wisdom to my younger self, the main one would be that I’m surrounded by people who love me, and to remember that not every decision is about pleasing others. Say yes to more social opportunities, have the courage to follow your passions – which for me was athletics, football and judo – instead of wondering whether you’re good enough. Trust your instincts, be vulnerable and learn to ask for help.

And some of our other friends on twitter have shared tips that have included, ‘When I was 18 my Mum told me to only rely on myself for happiness, didn’t take the advice as I wanted a boyfriend, learned she was right now I’m older’ from @lynnanderton; ‘Focus on well being not weight. I spent far too much time worrying about the calorie content of food, time that could have been spent learning about the nutritional value of food. Health is so much more than just weight’ from @corrineworsley and ‘Ah so many! Reading and understanding ingredients labels and not being fooled to believing things are healthy when they really aren’t. Focus on natural plant based food, with only naturally occurring sugars, then you can eat and enjoy!’ from PEPandLEKKER

We hope these insights have given you some food for thought and would love to hear your tips @elephantannette or @elephantkiosks on twitter, linkedin and facebook.