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Are you looking for an inclusive, flexible Friends and Family Test that meets NHS England guidelines?

Elephant have a multi-channel solution that’s the most inclusive Friends and Family Test in the UK. It’s easy and flexible to implement and can be up and running in just a couple of weeks.

NHS Trusts, CCGs, and individual GPs, must continuously involve and consult with patients and the wider public, collecting their views and opinions on health services in their area. They also need to monitor the experience that patients have of the service providers they commission, often support those services with their own patient engagement activity.

Elephant’s Patient Engagement Package is a tailored solution for CCG Patient and Public Involvement using accessible touchscreen kiosks, Tablets, SMS, Online and Offline forms. This all fronts approach promises increased patient involvement and greater insight into what patients and the public really think about health services, right now. Most importantly, it meets NHS guidelines for the Friends and Family Test.

Delivery channels include

  • Online

  • EleKiosk – Accessible Touchsreen Kiosk

  • iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet

  • Smartphones (via app, web-link or QR Code)

  • SMS

  • Paper

What’s Included in the CCG Patient Engagement Package?


The CCG Patient Engagement package includes the EleKiosk, our unique, accessible touchscreen kiosk. The EleKiosk can be placed in healthcare settings such as GP practices and walk-in centres, as well as other community settings such as community centres, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Your EleKiosks are set-up with intuitive touchscreen surveys, asking patients and the wider public exactly the questions you need answers to. Surveys are truly inclusive, with options for questions in multiple languages, audio and video (including British Sign Language). Survey responses are instantly available for you to see online in real-time, graphical reports and stunning dashboards. The easy-to-read reports give you an immediate insight into what patients and the public are saying.

Practices and providers with an EleKiosk get our full Friends and Family Test, helping them meet their contractual obligations and NHS England guidelines. Practices and providers can also create their own local surveys, including PPG surveys and patient and colleague feedback surveys for revalidation.

Patient Information and Health Promotion

Your EleKiosks can deliver vital health information, as well as information about available services. You can deliver any information you choose, including health leaflets, key messages and bulletins, images and videos, website links and service directories. We provide unlimited updates to your information, so you can change and adapt content to meet your needs. Meanwhile practices and providers with an EleKiosk can add their own health information and leaflets, plus information about their own services.

We funded EleKiosks for general practices in our area to support practices with how they monitor patient experience including the implementation of the Friends and Family Test. EleKiosks will also help us as a CCG with patient engagement. Elekiosks were installed quickly and efficiently in all our practices and the team have supported us with delivering our sessions on the Friends and Family Test to frontline practice staff.

Development Manager, North Durham CCG

EleKiosk – Accessible Touchscreen Kiosk

Friends and Family Test

Unlimited Real-time Surveys

Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Patient Information

Service and Provider Information

Health Promotion

Fully Managed, Fully Supported