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When it comes to thinking about the future of the NHS, its hard to imagine anything beyond more of the same. We seem to be racing down a one way street which is full of unmanageable costs, unsustainable solutions and a focus that leaves many people feeling they have been failed by the system.

It’s essential that rather than simply moving forward as we are, hoping that things will change somewhere along the line, we are brave enough to drive a revolution which will fundamentally change the path the NHS is heading along and changes the outcome of our current journey.

So, what could the NHS look like if we were to overhaul the system?

Self-Health Culture: It is essential that we, as individuals use interactive information to monitor and understand our own health. It is important that we are able to understand basic indicators of physical and mental health so that the ‘reassurance’ appointments that cost the NHS over £2 billion a year, can be dealt with independently.

Proactive Approach: Currently the NHS is driven to react to every patient who needs reassurance – whether it’s an appointment to perform a few basic health checks or follow up on a completed course of treatment. We can remove the need for this resource by introducing a self health culture which will free huge amounts of resource to allow the NHS to be proactive in its approach – identifying and treating health issues before they come critical and increasingly expensive to solve.

Independent Insight: It is imperative for us as individuals to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing but in order to do this, it is important for us to be given the insight and understanding we need to take control. That means we need to truly understand our own health and the implications our lifestyle choices are having on our physical and mental health. In the future, it is important for us to utilise regulated information that can be personalised and contextualised so it can replace the expertise we are use to leaning on GPs and other health professionals for.

Financial Sustainability: It is important that in the future, the services the NHS is able to deliver is sustainable. With a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach we will be able to focus on sustainable recovery and positive outcomes, reducing costs for critical interventions and ongoing treatment in the process.

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