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When we stop to think about the unprecedented rates of change we have experienced over recent years, it is inevitable that at some point the NHS will undergo a digitally led transformation that will ultimately allow it to survive.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, the leader of the health revolution will use technology to enhance the current system and facilitate excellence and efficiency throughout the system that already serves us in so many ways.

The NHS has so many aspects of excellence and processes and knowledge that could simply never be replaced or replicated by even the most advanced of technologies. Yet, we must be brave enough to see how technology can be used to help address the unmanageable workload that often leads to huge waiting times, challenges securing appointment and delays for every patient, even those in need of critical care.

From an outsiders point of view, the wastage attached to diagnosis, in all aspects of the health service is extreme and, as an entry point for many, sets the precedent for their experience of the service as a whole.

After successfully launching the first childcare information service and in transforming the sector with the use of technology, Annette founded Elephant Kiosks in 2006 to make our basic healthcare information more accessible. Today, Elephant Kiosks have a strong foothold within the NHS and connect directly with patient records to drive a more proactive, less intensive approach to diagnosing health problems in all of us.

The Kiosks, which can be made easily accessible and available for all to use, act of a self-health check point allowing patients to perform checks on their Blood Pressure; Blood Oxygen; Height, Weight, Heart Rate & Rhythm. Allowing self generation of this information allows the NHS as a whole to be more proactive in their approach, to predict or diagnose health problems before they become critical whilst removing a hugely labour intensive process from the initial points of entry to the health service, albeit through GP surgeries or A&E.

At Elephant Kiosks, we are bold enough to believe we will be part of the health revolution and in term, form a key component of the e-nhs. Over the next few weeks, we are inviting people to join us and hope you will be part of the journey.

Connect with us @elephantkiosks or by visiting our crowdcube campaign here (capital may be at risk)