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In September 2019 four practices within the Portsdown Group installed an Elephant Self Screening Kiosk. The kiosks were integrated with blood pressure and height and weight machines and allowed patients to choose from a range of care pathways including the NHS Health Check, Oral Contraception, Anxiety Assessment and New Patient Health Checks. Results from the checks are sent straight into the correct part of the patient record using SystmOne. The Portsdown group have worked hard to successfully integrate the kiosks into the workflow of the practices with 841 Blood Pressure Questionnaires and 287 NHS Health Checks completed within the first three-month bedding in period.

Current Workflow

  • Every patient that checks into to the practices for an appointment is advised to use the kiosk to record their blood pressure.
  • If the patient checks in with a member of the reception team, the receptionist can see which QOF alerts are outstanding on the patient’s record and advise them which kiosk questionnaires to complete.
  • Those that use the check-in screen are given a prompt: “Thank you for checking-in. You have been recorded as arrived. Please use our surgery kiosk to record your blood pressure, height and weight”.
  • Those groups of patients that require blood pressure readings for various QOF indicators are invited by text to come in and record their blood pressure.
  • Each site has a team which assists patients with kiosk queries and the group are in the process of appointing a “floor-walker” at each site who will check patients in using a kiosk at the entrance and also help patients to take the kiosk care pathways

Top Tip from the Portsdown Group

Make sure your reception team know what they are and how to use them. Keep a log of how many people are using the kiosks – each month we receive a report from Elephant Kiosks with this information. Be prepared to promote their use and you will reap the rewards.

Glenn Allen, Business Intelligence Manager

Regarding disadvantages, Portsdown have found that some less tech-savvy patients can struggle with the kiosk, hence making sure each practice has a designated team to provide assistance, and the potential introduction of “floor-walkers” to help them. They have also found that some patients were reluctant to use the kiosk during the covid pandemic so they have provided hand sanitiser for patients to use and have implemented a regular cleaning regime to ensure that patients feel safe. Patients have reported that the main advantages of the kiosks are that they allow them to record information about their conditions in their own time which enables them to get the most from their appointment.

The kiosk has saved a lot of time for BP appointments. We have a lot of patients which require BP readings for various QOF indicators. Having the kiosks allows us to invite patients via text to use the kiosks to record BPs. This saves the patient time (no appointment is required) and frees up appointments for other patients. It also reduces the burden on the contact centre as patients don’t need to phone ahead to make the appointment.

Glenn Allen, Portsdown Business Intelligence Manager

The Portsdown Group have proactively integrated the kiosks into their workflow and continue to work on how it can best serve patients and clinicians. Future developments that they would like to see on the kiosks include the ability to display bespoke questionnaires based on the patients’ medical record content and the ability to create new questionnaires in-house, a web interface which allows patients to access kiosk content from home, and for AI that allows the kiosk and the patient to interact in a similar way to Alexa to book appointments, ask questions and receive answers.

If you’d like to know more about Elephant Kiosks, please do get in touch or connect with us on social media @elephantkiosks to learn more.