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Most of us are incredibly aware of the strain that is placed upon the NHS and as a result, try to manage a whole variety of health complains without requiring NHS time and resources. Yet, we need to know when to fight our own heroic battle and when to rely on the heroes that exist within our NHS service.

Our Elephant self health kiosks are designed to help you independently access some key physical and mental health indicators so that you will know when it’s a battle you can fight alone and when you need the help of the professionals.

We are working hard to roll our kiosks out across the UK and hope that you will soon be able to walk into your GP surgery and with the use of our interactive modular kiosk to get indicative physical and mental health readings including your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and more.  

The readings our kiosks generate automatically connect and interact with patient records, making it easier for the NHS heroes to proactively support the health heroes within our homes whilst helping you understand the likelihood of any underlying health conditions, infections or viruses that would require medical intervention.

It’s incredibly difficult to get the balance right when it comes to manage our health with independence and assistance and many of us should remember the 111 telephone  service that can provide advice and guidance 24/7. The NHS website is also a useful source of knowledge and in many instances can help you understand when it is time for you to ask for medical intervention.

In your ambition to be a health hero, it’s important that you know when to call on the support of others. Obtaining key information is critical in making this decision and whether it’s through the NHS website, the 111 resource or our elephant kiosks, we hope it helps you know when to hold on to your cape and when to hand it over to others.