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EleSurvey – Survey and Clinical Audit Software

Offline survey

EleSurvey is our best-in-class survey software, which enables you to create and manage surveys and audit forms, with real-time reports.

Creating surveys

EleSurvey is a web-based survey software system designed to be easy to use regardless of computer expertise or experience. It enables users to quickly build an unlimited number of surveys and audit tools, with the following key features:

  • Completely customised surveys
  • Unlimited surveys, unlimited changes
  • Extensive range of question formats
  • Include images, symbols, signs and other multimedia content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Choose your survey design, with your own images, colours and branding
  • Question images and multi­media clips are supported
  • Multiple logical transitions
  • Real-­time email alerts
  • Range of survey rules (e.g. ‘do not allow to skip question’)
  • Multi-channel delivery, including kiosks, Android tablets and phones and Apple iOS devices (e.g iPad and iPhone)
  • Offline apps


EleSurvey enables you to set­up unlimited custom reports that are automatically populated with response data. Results of completed surveys can be seen online as raw data, as individual responses and as ‘at a glance’ linear reports, with numeric and graphical representations. A few clicks more and you can generate in depth custom reports, interrogating data and comparing time periods, making it easy to analyse trends and performance at any given time and against specified criteria.

Key features:

  • Numerical representation of results
  • Graphical representation of results
  • Interrogate results by filtering responses
  • Export reports and raw data
  • Define and compare time periods, allowing for trend analysis and performance monitoring
  • See and export individual responses
  • Set­up instant email alerts for specified answers

Interactive Dashboard Reporting Software

Dashboard report

Elephant Kiosks have teamed up with a leading US software provider to bring interactive dashboard reports to the NHS in the UK.

Our interactive, real-time dashboard reporting software enables you to present your data in stunning visual ways, giving data the wow-factor it needs to help make intelligent decisions and transform organisations. Our dashboard software is perfect for patient experience and clinical audit data, but moreover is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that can support your entire organisation.

Friends and Family Test

The most inclusive and accessible Friends and Family Test in the UK

Multilingual FFT survey

Elephant Kiosks provide the most accessible and inclusive Friends and Family Test in the UK. The pre-packaged survey can be delivered online, on kiosks and on handheld tablets. Results are available in real-time in a stunning visual dashboard report, which includes response method and response rates.

Inclusive and accessible:

  • 10 different languages
  • Audio in all languages
  • Video British sign-language
  • Accessible design

Multi-channel delivery:

  • EleKiosk
  • Handheld tablets
  • Online

Real-time data analysis:

  • Friends and Family Test Dashboard
  • See results by location and department (e.g. ward, team)
  • Define, view and compare time periods
  • Easily produce weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Convert to PDF, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Online comments board with real-time alerts

Patient & Colleague Feedback Tool for GP Revalidation

The most cost effective real-time revalidation feedback tool in the UK

Elephant Kiosks, the interactive patient engagement company, have developed a patient and colleague feedback tool for GP revalidation.

We provide a patient feedback survey, which can be completed on paper, online or on our EleKiosk or EleLite handheld tablet. We also provide a colleague feedback survey that can be completed quickly online. Results are instantly uploaded into an online report for each GP, with a quick link for you to upload any paper responses. Each GP can see their results in real-time in charts and graphs, then download a PDF report which can be submitted as part of their revalidation evidence.

It’s an easy, modern solution, with no waiting for results or posting of paper surveys! We think it’s the highest quality and most cost-effective solution for getting patient and colleague feedback for GP revalidation around.

Only £25+VAT per GP!

Bespoke Software Development

Every healthcare organisation is different, with different projects and different priorities. If you have a unique idea or specific requirement that doesn’t suit one of our standard packages or products, no problem!

Our skilled team of in-house software developers and designers, along with our established software partners, are sure to be able to create the software you are looking for.

Recent bespoke software projects include:

  • PROMs Questionnaires
  • Patient data capture
  • System integration
  • Care planning
  • Easy-read surveys
  • Paediatric Surveys
  • Wayfinding hospital maps
  • Check-in systems