Accessible Touchscreen Kiosk

The EleKiosk is our flagship product; an attractive, height-adjustable, high-performance touchscreen kiosk. Manufactured by us in the UK, its unique design makes it engaging, non-intimidating and one of the most accessible touchscreen kiosks in the UK.

Touchscreen Kiosk for the Public and Community Sectors

Back in 2006 we set out to make a touchscreen kiosk specifically for the public and community sectors. A touchscreen kiosk that would make information more accessible to more people. A touchscreen kiosk that would be easy to use, even for people with no computer experience. A touchscreen kiosk that would proactively engage and meet the needs of patients, residents and other public and voluntary sector service users.

Our early focus groups and research told us three things:

  1. Our touchscreen kiosk should look friendly and non-intimidating; not too corporate and not too much ‘like technology’.
  2. Our touchscreen kiosk should be accessible and inclusive; optimised for wheelchair users, people with visual impairments and people with other disabilities. We also found that if our touchscreen kiosk was designed in this way, it would be easy to use for other people too.
  3. Our touchscreen kiosk should be robust and technically comprehensive, built to excel in demanding, high-usage areas.

And so our touchscreen kiosk, the EleKiosk, was born! Since 2006 touchscreen technology and the way people use it have progressed rapidly, and our touchscreen kiosk has developed rapidly too. We are now on our fourth version of the EleKiosk, making the most of all the technical advances available. However our design and manufacturing principles have not changed and the EleKiosk still leads the way as one of the most innovative touchscreen kiosks available.

  • Attractive

    The EleKiosk is designed to be sleek and soft to the eye, with a bright, rounded moulding ‘head’ and slim rounded stand.

  • Height and Tilt Adjustable

    The EleKiosk is the only manually height-adjustable touchscreen kiosk in the UK, so users can move the head up and down to the level that best suits them. The screen can also be tilted forward or back, for the best viewing angle and to allow for wheelchair docking.

  • Robust and Secure

    The EleKiosk has an aluminium base and stand for added durability, which can be secured to the wall or floor. Meanwhile the screen uses toughened glass and is encased in a robust mould.

  • Colour and Branding Options

    The EleKiosk head can be sprayed any one of ten template colours or you can choose your own colour. You can add your logo and branding to your touchscreen kiosk and can also choose between a matt or pearlescent finish. You can even have special effects like LED lights or sparkling glitter!

  • Integrated Windows PC

    The EleKiosk has a high specification integrated PC, with Windows 7 or Windows 8 for multi-touch applications. As we build our own PCs, we can cater for almost any specification requirement.

  • Latest Touchscreen Technology

    The EleKiosk uses the latest touchscreen technology, giving you the choice between a 17” accessible resistive touchscreen that can be used with gloves and pointers, or a 17” projective-capacitive touchscreen that gives a ‘tablet style’ user experience.

  • Internet Connectivity

    The EleKiosk can be connected to the internet with wireless, Ethernet or 3G connections.

  • Accessories

    Your EleKiosk can be provided with an integrated touchscreen kiosk barcode scanner, card-reader or keyboard, as well as external printing, chip and pin and cash management devices.

  • Dimensions and Weight

    With it’s stylish design the EleKiosk is one of the most eye-catching yet sleek touchscreen kiosks in the UK:

    • Max height: 1550mm
    • Max width: 540mm
    • Max depth: 450mm
    • Max weight: 38.5kg
  • Wall-mounting

    We always recommend that the EleKiosk is used as a free-standing touchscreen kiosk to make the most of its accessible height-adjustable stand. However if you would prefer to wall-mount your EleKiosk we have special brackets that will enable you to wall-mount your touchscreen kiosk using standard VESA brackets.

Patients find the EleKiosks modern and easy to use. They really enjoy the touch-screen aspect. Elephant Kiosks’ staff have been very prompt and responsive to our needs. They have been helpful and flexible and always been able to seek or develop solutions for ideas we have had.
Service Manager, Bradford Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
Kiosks should be ‘eye-catching’, non-corporate, sited in very busy places, and fun to use. People should be curious as to what it does.
Prof. Ray Jones, 'The Role of Health Kiosks', University of Plymouth