Real-time Patient Feedback System

Multi-channel, Flexible and Fully Managed

The most inclusive and accessible real-time patient feedback system in the NHS

Elephant Kiosks aims to provide the most inclusive, accessible and comprehensive real-time patient feedback system in the UK. We provide a real-time, multi-channel system with a combination of comprehensive survey software, accessible kiosks and tablets, software and apps for other channels, captivating reports and flexible data outputs.

We work to these five principles:

  1. Patient and staff friendly, with a wow-factor
  2. Accessible and inclusive, with multiple channels
  3. Flexible and comprehensive
  4. In-depth, real-time analysis
  5. Stunning outputs with the power to transform services

Our real-time patient feedback system gives you a complete and flexible solution for capturing patient feedback. As a fully managed, fully hosted service we create and manage your patient feedback surveys for you. As well as EleSurvey, our survey and clinical audit software, we have an in-house software development and research team who can cater for almost any survey requirement. Surveys can be delivered on our EleKiosk, on tablets and smartphones, online and on paper, allowing patients to leave feedback in the way that best suits them. Surveys can be completed offline too, so you can get feedback out in the community and in signal black-spots. Furthermore, we can integrate SMS and phone surveys, giving you a truly omni-channel solution.

Patient responses are instantly fed into our database, which is securely hosted by us in England. Next, we have a wide range of options for real-time reports and other data outputs. Our ready-to-go options include interactive reports, dashboards, email alerts and data feeds. In addition, our expert team can integrate data from other sources and develop new data outputs to meet your specific requirements. We do all the hard work, giving you insightful views of your patient feedback information that makes it quick and easy to see how you are performing, from teams on-the-ground up to the board, and enables you to make accurate decisions that improve services.

The system is fully managed, making it resource-light and worry-free. We provide a designated project manager, an IT helpdesk, training and all the extra support you need to have a comprehensive, successful solution for capturing patient feedback within your organisation.

Patient Experience Manager, Bradford District Care Trust

We have we installed touchscreen and handheld technologies across our organisation to collect feedback about specific teams and individuals, relating to performance from the service user’s viewpoint. Data is collected in real-time and made available to individual clinicians, teams and wards. Graphical illustrations show how service users scored a number of topics, ranging from quality of food to how well treatments were explained. Labour intensive tasks such as analysing data are automatically taken care of, saving a great deal of time and mental energy.

Results show most respondents rate care in a very positive way. Where there are trends which deviate from the high standards we can investigate further through inspection, audit or evaluation exercises, or rectify the issue immediately if it’s more straightforward. For example, we noted 28% of inpatients were not provided information about the ward routine. A flyer was produced in a participatory way, with information about the ward, including meal times and activities. This is now provided to all patients on admission. There are many further examples of small changes that have had a ‘drip-drip’ effect leading to service improvements, which are not always easy to quantify. This is exemplified by one doctor who stated; “By virtue of creating a system where people can score performance, one can’t help but ensure that standards are always high”.

We have found electronic feedback to be a powerful tool and a useful ally in our quest to increase the amount and quality of data. In an age where a great deal of activity is turning towards technology to improve convenience and outcomes, it’s only logical for feedback to follow.