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This year the NHS is celebrating its 70th year and a huge last night a collection of stars and our own health heroes united to celebrate NHS heroes.

A full time Doctor treats approximately 255 patients a week. We are incredibly fortunate to be in a country where any of us can be treated at any time and whether you are a brain surgeon or a bed maker, the nation owes every single person within the NHS a huge thank you.

There are health heroes surrounding us all though and many of them can be found within the four walls of our own homes rather than the hospital walls we (hopefully) see less often. Whether it is within a marriage, a family unit or a parent and child team, there are heroes everywhere who help us create, protect and maintain good health.

I know for me, I took for granted the healthy meals my mum always puts on the table, the stock of lotions, potions and remedies that were always to hand and the love, care and security she provided when I was under the weather. I perhaps underestimated the courage my mum demonstrated when she fought the Doctor who was certain my brother had a cold when in fact he had bronchitis. I will certainly never understand how my mum held all of us (including my Dad) together when he had an incredibly unexpected quadruple heart bypass and perhaps now that I’m a little older I do understand all the nagging about eating the right things, resting at the right times and exercising the right way actually makes my mum, our health hero.

I’m sure every family has one, of two – the people we turn to when we are feeling under the weather or those who help us make the choices we know we should. Those who give us motivation when we need it or the chance the really switch off when that is essential, too.

Although the special people in our lives aren’t medically trained or recognised, maybe not even always entirely appreciated by us, they are heroes – and they do, in their own way help the health of our nation, helping one person at a time.

This week, whilst we are appreciating NHS Heroes, we at Elephant think it’s really important to recognise our everyday health heroes, too so for all of you out there, this is to you.