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It’s easy enough to forget how lucky we are to have a National Health Service in the UK. When we struggle to get a GP appointment or are put on what seems like a never-ending waiting list it can feel like we are being failed. Yet, when we consider the funds, resources, research and hundreds of dedicated and devoted staff that create the NHS we often take for granted, it becomes harder to simply pass the buck.

At Elephant, we believe that too many of us have become all too comfortable with relying on the NHS and blaming its shortcomings for the shortcomings in our own health and well being. With years of business experience behind us and strong relationships with the NHS, we’ve realised that a significant step change is required to save not only our NHS but also the health of our nation.

Many of us have already made some huge steps forward in terms of taking our health back into our own hands. With the rise of fitness apps and devices, many of us are using technology to collect our own health data, insights and understanding – and what’s better, we are using that data to understand how to proactively manage and adapt our lives for optimum health.Yet, that information is entirely independent and disconnected from the vast amount of data the NHS have about our health. This means that rather than allowing the NHS to also be proactive in their approach by providing you with the exact services and support you need before you have found yourself in crisis, they are forced to be reactive which has led to the situation we find ourselves in today.

Elephant Self-Health Kiosks are ultimately digital devices that take your data and funnel it into the patient records the NHS hold for you. Whether it’s your blood pressure, your blood oxygen levels, height, weight, heart rate or rhythm, the kiosks (which you will find in hospitals, health centres and GP surgeries) will allow you to put your health in your own hands and change and improve the way the NHS services us.

Our small business has already made huge strides forward and we have found that, in giving individuals the opportunity to understand their health we can not only improve wellness at an individual level but ultimately improve the way the NHS works. We can save time and money so that we can collectively understand what we need, when we need it, and have an NHS service that can proactively provide that.

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